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Folder Magazine

Folder-Animation-2 Folder-Animation-3
Education, High School Events, Hangouts, Teens, Etc.
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Category : Education
Language : Indonesia
Format : PDF
Publisher : PT. Rinupa Inti Kreasi
Country : Indonesia
Official Website : foldermagazine.com
Summary :

Folder Magazine is a free magazine that contains informations of Education, Colleges, High School Events, Student Activities and many things related to. This magazine is very useful for a high school students and graduates who will continue their study to a higher degrees, especially in Indonesia. Right now, the socialization of Colleges and Education Institutes are done through education expo, mass media ads, etc. Folder Magazine is made to strengthen that purpose. The Magazine places itself as a medium for Schools, Teachers, Students, and Colleges to interact each other.

Folder Magazine is not only available in digital version but also published and distributed to potential high schools that really care about the importance of education. Don't worry of its price, because it is FREE. Can't have the published version? Folder Magazine provide us the digital version in PDF Format and available to be downloaded, for FREE of course.

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Folder - Vol 01 Issue 01 Folder - Vol 01 Issue 02 Folder - Vol 01 Issue 03
Folder - Vol 01 Issue 04 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 01 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 02
Folder - Vol 02 Issue 03 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 04 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 05
Folder - Vol 02 Issue 06 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 07 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 08
Folder - Vol 02 Issue 09 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 10 Folder - Vol 02 Issue 11
Folder - Vol 02 Issue 12 Folder - Vol 03 Issue 01 Folder - Vol 03 Issue 02
Folder - Vol 03 Issue 03 Folder - Vol 03 Issue 04 Folder - Vol 03 Issue 05
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Student Creativities, Student Activities, High School Visits, Student Hangouts, College Studies Opportunity, Education Promo and Informations, Education Institutes, Portrait of Indonesia Teens's Life, Teacher and Student Interaction Media, Education Services, Online, PDF Magazine.

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Teen Minutes Magz

Teen Minutes Animation 1 Teen Minutes Animation 3 Teen Minutes Animation 2
Fashion, Photography, Models

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Category : Fashion, Photography
Language : English
Format : PDF
Country : Indonesia
Official Website : www.teenminutesmagz.com
Summary :

TEENMINUTES is an online magazine about model, fashion, beauty and photography for girl between age 16 year to 25 year. Its content is about photos and profiles of teen girls from online community (like Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, Etc.) and offline community. Beside that, TEENMINUTES also try to interview people behind the industry such as photographers, models and so on.

There are so many photos of asian girls in this online magazine, especially girls from South-East Asia nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia and others. This magazine is some kind of Photobook, in my opinion. With some description of the models' hobbies, school, what they are available for (Sales Promotion, Models, Advertising Models, so on), age, weight, height and even bra size (what??!). Above all, we can find many cute and attracting girls in this online magazine, as you can see yourself from the magazine's cover pictures below this summary...

Issue 01 - October 2006 Issue 02 - November 2006 Issue 03 - December 2006 Issue 04 - January 2007
Issue 05 - February 2007 Issue 06 - March 2007 Issue 07 - April 2007 Issue 08 - May 2007
Issue 09 - June 2007 Issue 10 - July 2007 Issue 11 - August 2007 Issue 12 - October 2007
Issue 13 - January 2008 Issue 14 - February 2008 Issue 15 - March 2008 Issue 16 - April 2008
Issue 17 - May 2008 Issue 18 - June 2008 Issue 19 - July 2008 Issue 20 - August 2008
   Issue 21 - September 2008
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Hot Asian Girls, Indonesian Girls, Sales Promotion Girls, Sexy Models, Fashion, Modeling Agency, South East Asia E-zine, Style, Cute Teens, Beautiful Women, Online, PDF Magazine

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D+PAD Magazine

D+PAD Animation 1
D+PAD Animation 2
Descriptions and all Editions...

Category : Game
Language : English
Format : PDF, Online (Issuu)
Editor : David Scammell, Stuart Leech
Country : United Kingdom
Official Website : www.dpadmagazine.com

Summary :

D+PAD Magazine is an independent British-based PDF gaming magazine offering print-magazine quality copy and design in one free and easy download. It has some exciting features such as news, reviews, previews, interviews and other feature as well as integrated audio and video streaming within its PDF Format (need internet connection) . D+PAD Magazine is also available to be read online on Issuu. You can visit it through this site or through D+PAD Magazine's Official site.

A Gaming Magazine that is beautifully done, contains lots of information and hot topics from within the world of gaming. I recommend you this Magz !!

D+PAD 01 - British Game Magazine D+PAD 02 - British Game Magazine
D+PAD 03 - British Game Magazine D+PAD 04 - British Game Magazine
D+PAD 05 - British Game Magazine D+PAD 06 - British Game Magazine
D+PAD 07 - British Game Magazine D+PAD 08 - British Game Magazine
D+PAD 09 - British Game Magazine
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PlayStation 3, PC Game, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, XBOX 360, PS 2, High Resolution, Interactive E-Magz, Video Game Genres, Online, PDF Magazine

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